There is nothing like annuals that will beautify and enhance the appearance of your home. Are you looking for that wow factor? Then annuals are your answer. Grow them in pots or decorative containers. Use them as color spots in your landscape or plant them in sprawling beds. With so many varieties and colors to choose from, annuals can play a key role in the beautification of your home. Whether in the shade or sun, tall or short, or in combination with each other, the possibilities are endless.



Homegrown vegetables are rising in popularity, and we have a large selection of vegetable plants to fit your needs.


Perennials are plants that come back in a garden from year to year without replanting. Most of these have shorter bloom cycles, but well-planned and maintained perennial gardens can keep you in bloom for most of the year. We carry a variety of hostas, grasses, day-lilies, and much more. Please call us for current availability.


Pinter’s carries herb plants all spring for growing in just the right conditions on a windowsill. Come spring, we carry a wide variety, so rest assured that one of your favorites will be right under your nose. Whether its dill for your pickles or oregano for your favorite sauce, we have them all, and you will probably find some you’ve never heard of.

Container Gardens

You don’t always need a plot of land to grow a beautiful garden. Container gardening is an easy and convenient way to decorate around your house.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a great way to enjoy your flowers anytime and anywhere regardless of the size of your garden. Pinter’s has thousands to chose from.

Accent Plantssparrow

Add depth and width to any garden with one of our accent plants.

Rose Bushes

Choose from knockout roses, hybrid teas, florabundas, shrub roses, climbers, miniature roses.

Green Plants

We offer many different sizes of houseplants. From small plants suitable for a table top to larger plants that make a statement. Stop in and take a peak at all we can offer to liven up your indoor space.