How should I store my bulbs?

To store bulbs, wait until the first frost has browned and crisped the foliage. Then either dig up the bulbs and store them in peat moss in paper bags in a cool, dark place for the winter (think crawl space or garage, a place that gets cold but does not freeze), or simply store the bulbs in the pots and soil in a cool dark place in your garage or area that is unheated but does not freeze. In either case, check on them every month or so throughout the winter and water slightly, only if everything is bone dry. Then next spring, around mid to late April, you will notice some sprouts coming from the bulbs. You can then put them outside (or replant in pots if not already) during the day on a nicer day (50 degrees or above), give a good drink, and take in at night, until nighttime temperatures are reliably above 55 or 60 degrees (usually May 15 or later).