Garden Center

In order to have a successful garden, you must first start with good soil and fertilizer. We have all of your gardening needs covered. We carry a large assortment of fertilizers, pest and insect control, lawn care, weed prevention, and cannabis soil.

As the growing season begins, keep your plants healthy and vigorous with fertilizers that are right for the job. Pinter’s offers a full line of products to control weeds in your garden and lawn. Our selection includes a wide variety of organic products.

Pinter’s is proud to offer the best soils and amenities available.


Potting soil and amendments

  • Fox Farm Organic
  • Osmocote
    • Planting Soil
    • Gardening Soil
  • Miracle Gro
    • Tree & Shrub
    • Flowers & Veggies
    • Moisture Control
    • Potting Mix
    • Garden Soil
  • AL-Par Peat
    • Potting Soil
    • Top Soil
    • Cow Manure
    • Organic Peat
  • Pro-Mix BX
  • Canadian Peat Moss



  • Play Sand
  • Joining Sand


Decorative Stone

  • Cobblestone 1”-2”
  • Silica Pebbles
  • Pea Gravel


Generic Mulch

  • Cedar
  • Cedar Chips
  • Cypress
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red